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Business E-Mail Communication

Dealing with Email Communication Have you been waiting for days for a response to your emails? Do you have important emails you have not answered in your inbox? Do you email back and forth several times to clarify issues with colleagues? McKinsey & Company found that, “28% of a worker’s workweek is spent reading and…

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Onboarding for Mergers Acquisitions and Individuals

Onboarding for Mergers, Acquisitions and Individuals Cultural Due Diligence A successful business in your home country will not always translate to success abroad. We know that having the same job title does not translate to having the same experience and knowledge. Bringing teams together is hard work and often feels like putting a square peg…

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Company Language and Meeting Culture

Company Language and Meeting Culture A unified company language is imperative for success in business. Speaking the same language is more than using the same words. It is about understanding the same meaning of the words. We help you to standardize your company language to eliminate confusion internally and externally. Meetings with all native speakers…

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